Advice You Can Take To The Bank... Literally!

Raising capital is not easy. If it were, you wouldn’t be here. Read more below to learn how AIRISADVISORY can help tackle all your fundraising needs, from inception to execution.

We couldn’t be the blockchain investment bank if we did not have a solid advisory arm to tackle all the hurdles of raising capital. Unlike management consultants, we don’t throw a slew of buzzwords at you and leave you with a business plan that you cannot execute. AIRISADVISORY leaves the management fads back in the 90s, where they belong, and replaces them with clear-cut direction and advice you can take to the bank. Literally.

Our advisory arm focuses on four primary verticals:

  • Real Estate
  • Crypto Derivatives
  • Growth Capital
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Regardless of project scope, we stand by you each step of the way. Whether you want to issue a security token to raise capital for a growing business or democratize the M&A process, our advisors will collaborate with you from start to finish, ensuring the process is seamless, cost-effective, and compliant.

Our process starts with retaining funds into a trust. Once funding is secured, we move onto the qualification stage, ensuring strict regulatory compliance. After we’ve scored and indexed your project, we move on to discovery and analysis, where we gather documentation, conduct interviews, review the final business plan, and manage due diligence. After analysis, we move into the contract phase, generating all applicable agreements and statements of work. We then move towards implementation, where we generate the prospectus and conduct a final compliance and legal audit. Smart contracts are generated, matchmaking encryption is published, and we are now ready to execute and promote your new project.

While the process is straightforward, we understand it can be intimidating for those who have little to no experience with digital securities. AIRISADVISORY was formed to assuage the fundraising process, cut out the buzzwords, and get you on track to meet your funding goals.



As one of the most critical steps in the funding process, regulators require formal documentation on the details of your Offering Memorandum or Prospectus. These disclosure documents provide essential details surrounding your digital securities offering, including company background, financial information, type and quantity of securities... offered, and other pertinent information relevant to your business. The Prospectus or Offering Memorandum is an essential and highly scrutinized document; as such, the writing and development of these documents should be left to experts with a deep subject matter expertise surrounding reporting and non-reporting token issuers and the regulatory constraints that follow.

Smart Contract

While financial regulation surrounding tokens continues to improve, smart contracts bridge the gap between security and convenience when it comes to blockchain technology. While smart contracts are simple lines of code at their core, they are in no way simplistic.... Depending on the types of transactions involved, they can become quite complex, and malicious actors have the potential to exploit low-quality code. Since the code running these smart contracts cannot be edited after launch, choosing the right platform is critical.

KPI Development
& Management

Once your business is up and running, the need to properly validate performance in a reliable way is crucial. Performance goes beyond the gross margin, and without the proper tools and strategies to effectively measure different variables, you could severely limit your ability to grow.... While it's not always clear determining which variables to measure and the related data sources to track them, our diagnostic and comprehensive approach ensures we can find what your company needs. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Our Verticals

We couldn’t be the blockchain investment bank without fully integrating our advisory arm into the platform. Whether you’re looking to fund your next real estate project or raise capital more efficiently, we’ve got you covered.

Growth Capital

Take project finance to the next level and grow your business the way you see fit. Raising capital for the growth of your business is often met with scrutiny from traditional investors, but not with our growth capital solution. Learn more about how crowdsourcing your growth project with digital securities may be just the solution you were looking for.

Real Estate

Breaking down traditional barriers to the real estate market was no easy task. Then again, we never liked "easy." Learn more about how real estate tokenization can help you save time and resources funding your next real estate project.


Some firms boast about the incremental advancements they make to ensure the M&A process is more efficient. We decided to upend the entire system. With the advancements in blockchain technology, we can streamline the due diligence process while creating a highly secured transactional ledger, democratizing the M&A process via tokenization.

Crypto Derivatives

Take crypto to the next level. We've taken all the security benefits of crypto and created a derivatives market within the blockchain. Whether you want to speculate on crypto futures or issue your own NFT, that's up to you.


Are you a foreign or domestic politically exposed person (PEP) or the head of an international organization (HIO), or are you a family member or close associate of a PEP or HIO?


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