When There’s No Such Thing As Safe Enough

At AIRISCAPITAL, security is not just an afterthought; it is built into the core of each AIRISCAPITAL product. We live in a time when security and utility are at war, and the dichotomy leads many to believe we cannot have both at full capacity. Many companies are left with the choice to prioritize one. That just didn’t sit right with us.

AIRISVAULT was our solution to the tradeoff problem. When we first started AIRISVAULT, it was a standalone cold-storage solution, but that quickly changed once we realized its breakthrough potential. AIRISVAULT is not just another 2FA crypto wallet; it’s now part of a comprehensive security solution embedded into each AIRISCAPITAL sub-brand.

With two-factor authentication (password & biometrics), multi-signature authorizations, and our exclusive security protections (direct addressing, fraud mitigation, and more), our clients can sleep soundly knowing we’ve unleashed the security tower of babel.

While AIRISVAULT is engineered with military/DoD specs and bank-grade SSL, we’ve seamlessly interwoven the entire security suite on the backend of the AIRISCAPITAL ecosystem, so convenient access to your accounts is not jeopardized.

At AIRISCAPITAL, we believe there is no such thing as “safe enough.” While our competitors may roll their eyes, calling our methods overkill, we believe that says more about them than about us. Our client’s security is always our top priority, so we welcome the scrutiny. It’s your money, and we don’t compromise when it comes to keeping it safe.

Military Spec, Bank Grade SSL

Because that is what you expect.

Fully Encrypted Secure Mobile Trading Platform

Because secure access to your digital assets is your absolute right.

AIRIS Fraud Detection and Mitigation (AFDM)

Because social engineers aren’t immune either.

AIRIS Direct Addressing Codification (ADAC)

Because we need to eliminate human error in fraud.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Because we stay ahead of the curve.

Cold Storage, Online Storage, Wealth Retention

Because a single point of failure is an unnecessary risk.

Multi-Signature Authorizations

Because we believe you should trust but verify.

Insured Funding, Withdrawals, and Transactions

Because we believe in protecting you every step of the way.

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