Mortgage Investment, Evolved

Elevating the mortgage finance game through pioneering innovation and vertical integration

AIRISMIC is a mortgage investment corporation that blends advanced AI technology with trusted real estate investment methods. We close the real estate financing gap through our dynamic blockchain platform. Combining the reliability of traditional Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) with the power of our exclusive AISA™ technology, we present an exceptional investment opportunity to our clients. 

Revolutionizing Real Estate Investments for a Modern Era​. Unlike syndicated mortgages, mutual fund trusts, or real estate investment trusts, AIRISMIC offers diversification and stringent regulation. Our management team operates free from traditional biases while focusing on delivering maximum returns for our investors. As a result, AIRISMIC stands out by blending secure income from residential mortgages with AI-optimized investing strategies in commercial mortgages and speculative equity investments.

Harnessing the Power of AI Technology – The AISA™ Advantage

AIRISMIC utilizes the proprietary Accelerated Investment Strategy Algorithm (AISA™) – an advanced multi-tenanted PaaS platform driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. AISA™ focuses on a singular mission to identify the most undervalued assets in a given geography whereby ROI can be maximized with the smallest hard capital investments in the shortest possible time frame.

Investment Structure Tailored for Success

At AIRISMIC, we are committed to offering our investors an uncomplicated and clear investment experience. Our initial subscription aligns with accredited and institutional investor preferences.

We levy an industry-standard management fee, a common practice for any managed portfolio, calculated based on the net asset value (NAV). In addition, we do charge a mortgage broker fee through AIRISMORTGAGES, which is on par with market standards. We also have a commission fee for EMD/agents, which is calculated based on the total dollar value of shares sold. This fee structure is in place to ensure complete transparency throughout your investment journey.

Strategic Mortgage Investment Simplified

Embark on your investment journey with AIRISMIC, where we balance modern technology and established practices with optimal efficacy. Discover how our refined investment platform delivers consistent and secure returns, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Financial independence starts with ARISIMIC. Contact us to get started today.


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