Some firms boast about the incremental advancements they make to ensure the M&A process is more efficient. We decided to upend the entire system. With the advancements in blockchain technology, we can streamline the due diligence process while creating a highly secured transactional ledger, democratizing the M&A process via tokenization.

Perhaps the most significant challenge with any M&A prospect is the proper execution of due diligence. The process of ensuring that you get precisely what you are paying for, nothing more, nothing less, is met with a myriad of legal obstacles, detailed audits, and no guarantee that you’re not assuming any hidden risks or liabilities. AIRISADVISORY aims to overhaul the M&A process completely, bringing it into the digital age, saving you time, resources, and headaches.

The mergers & acquisition process revolves primarily around trust, so that is where we put our primary focus. Through smart contracts, we can automate agreements that can self-execute only when certain conditions are valid. Smart contracts open the doors to transactional automation, which significantly reduces counterparty risk and creates a level and transparent playing field for all stakeholders involved.


Another common obstacle with M&A transactions is the lingering “all or nothing” nature of the transaction. Our process allows for the democratization of mergers and acquisitions, giving investors the option of fractional ownership through tokenization. The tokenization of mergers & acquisitions allows for a cost-effective way to finance projects and raise capital, leaving the cumbersome methods of the past in the past.

Furthermore, the liquidity that comes with tokenization ensures that investors can seamlessly transfer digital assets to one another. This dramatically enhances the resale ability of the security tokens and makes the project that much more attractive to prospective investors.

Blockchain is no longer in its infancy, and it has made great strides in phasing out traditional business methods. AIRISCAPITAL continues to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, bringing together all key regulators and stakeholders to ensure transparency and build trust.

Engagement Model

AIRISCAPITAL was built on transparency and trust. See below to learn about our step-by-step processes for the digital securities tokenization process.

M&A Advisory

Token Issuer Engagement

Infrastructure Engagement

Marketing Engagement


Execute Retainer

Generate retainer agreement ratify & sign off.

Collect Funds Into Trust

Process retainer via EFT, wire, or credit card.

Infrastructure Engagement



Open project file, assign AIRIS Team Resources, and establish client portal.


Perform automated "Know Your Customer" and "Anti Money Laundering" for compliance and audit.


The AIRISIndex is a proprietary KPI which measures the client-suitability to raise capital through digital securities.


Gather Source

Gather business plan, financial statements, annual reports, tax roll data, cap tables, technical analysis [target(s)], leadership profiles (LinkedIn, D&B / Hoovers, Reuters, and Bloomberg), and marketing collateral.


HBDI© completed by all stakeholders.


Shadowing key executives and stakeholders, understanding and documenting roles and responsibilities.

Business Processes Management (BPM) Reviews

Document manual and automated business processes and optimize for redundancies.


Business Plan

Review existing business plan, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats known as S.W.O.T. analyses.

Due Diligence

Conflict / IP / USTPO.


Tokenomics refer to a series of attributes which signal quality and perceived value of a digital security ultimately determining the buy/no-buy decision.

Gap Analysis

Research Identify & Select M&A Targets.

Acquisition Valuation

Determine fair market value of M&A target to determine scope of raise required, inclusive of all costs.

Generate ASRM (AIRIS Solutions Road Map)

AIRIS Solutions Road Map is a client centric document specific to the engagement which defines and governs the milestones, deliverables, constraints, & timeline necessary to achieve a successful raise.

Executive Committee Review

Multi-disciplinary panel audits each project's risk parameters and suitability for engagement and probability of success.


Generate IEC

Issuer Engagement Contract.

Generate MSA

Master Service Agreement.

Generate SOW(s)

SOWs are created for each milestone and reference the Master Service Agreement.

Ratify & Execute

Compile the contract package consisting of the IEC/MSA/SOWs/ASRM and all other relevant exhibits to submit for execution.


Project Kickoff

Conduct a meeting to secure buy-in from all Stakeholders and officially launch the project.

Generate OM or Prospectus
(On Platform)

Streamline the registration process by compiling, auditing, and publishing the offering on the ADSP (AIRIS Digital Securities Platform).

Legal/Compliance Audit

Multi-disciplinary panel reviews the offering and ensures compliance with Securities Regulators.


A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.

Publish Via IBME

IBME (Intelligent Broker Matching Engine) automatically matches offerings to brokers on our Exchanges using parameters specific to investor preferences.


Promote (Wave 1)

Pitch opportunity To EMDs, Brokers, Accredited Investors.

Promote (Wave 2)

Pitch opportunity to Qualified Investors.

Promote (Wave 3)

Pitch opportunity to General Public (Crowdfunding).


Conduct Post-Engagement Review

Extensive review of the completed raise and identifying potential areas of improvement.

Update AKB (AIRIS Knowledge Base)

Publish findings/lessons learned as AIRIS Knowledge Base articles.

Close Out

Prepare the Statement Of Adjustments and the irrevocable Direction Of Funds.

Infrastructure Engagement

Tokenization is the future of investing, and AIRISCAPITAL has been a pioneer at the forefront of this revolution. Our trusted advisors can manage every step of the process, from retaining funds, navigating regulations, generating contracts, and delivering your payments.


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