Capital Markets for the Blockchain Economy

We started with regulators first and built our entire blockchain solution around trust. We take the friction out of digital securities investing, giving you security, peace of mind, and limitless profit potential.

As cryptocurrency becomes more of a household name, it seems we are flooded with countless platforms offering crypto and altcoin exchanges. While cryptocurrency trading has the potential to be a lucrative endeavor, the process is highly speculative, lacks effective regulation, and has the potential for catastrophic losses. While Security Token Offerings (STOs) are becoming the preferred investment vehicle to cryptocurrency since they are an asset-backed and regulated version of digital securities, few, if any, reliable platforms specialize in these investment vehicles.

That was before AIRISMARKETS entered the field. As the first of its kind digital securities exchange platform, AIRISMARKETS takes the headache out of the digital securities market as it seamlessly integrates an intuitive user interface with the deep subject matter expertise expected from AIRIS brands.

AIRISMARKETS was engineered from the ground up, focusing on a client-centric platform that allows customers to exchange digital securities anytime, anywhere, on any device. With institutional-grade charting and analytics, customers can glean deep insights into each security, leveraging all the tools necessary to make a sound investment.

The AIRIS “Intelligent Broker Matching Engine” (IBME) acts as the state-of-the-art facilitator, leveraging AI and machine learning to fully integrate the exchange process entirely within the AIRIS ecosystem. The IBME tailor matches digital securities based on the parameters and risk appetite of each individual investor.

Combined with unidirectional “direct to wallet” transfers, all transactions are secure, transparent, and seamlessly integrated with AIRISTRADER and AIRISTRADER Mobile, allowing you to execute transactions quickly and efficiently.

As the class leading marketplace for digital securities, AIRISMARKETS will help you navigate the perilous and often ambiguous world of digital securities with ease and peace of mind.

Investing in the blockchain economy has never been more secure and accessible. Book a demo with AIRISMARKETS today and discover the benefits of a platform built with trust at its core.


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