Corporate Social Responsibility

Discover how AIRISCAPITAL actively combats the global energy crisis with innovative green solutions while championing philanthropy and setting new ethical standards in the crypto industry. Dive into a refreshing approach that merges environmental responsibility, community support, and ethical leadership in this rapidly evolving space.


As the world’s energy usage continues to grow year after year, AIRISCAPITAL aims to be a part of the solution to an ongoing global energy crisis. We aim to use green and renewable energy sources exclusively when available and actively develop hardware and software applications designed to be energy efficient.


At AIRISCAPITAL, we believe in the mantra of “no man is an island.” This belief resides at the core of all that we do. We believe in giving back to the communities that allow us to thrive and actively support novel and underfunded community projects that align with our mission. After all, we’ve all had to start somewhere. We believe that if we can help another community or organization thrive, we should. And that is precisely what we do.


One of the main reasons AIRISCAPITAL exists today is because of the “fly-by-night” nature of many crypto firms we have seen over the years. AIRISCAPITAL was built on a foundation of ethical principles, from ensuring regulatory compliance within our products to building trust within the communities we serve. While most companies use the law to guide ethical practices, we believe in raising the bar and setting new standards for others to follow. 


Are you a foreign or domestic politically exposed person (PEP) or the head of an international organization (HIO), or are you a family member or close associate of a PEP or HIO?


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